As part of the cooperation between the Île-de-France region and Algiers’ Wilaya, the PCMMO co-organizes, with the Art and Culture institution, Les Rendez Vous Cinématographiques d’Alger . This festival aims to unite Algiers’ public around French and Algerian cinemas.

The second edition took place from December 13th to December 15th 2018

Unique trajectories and journeys of initiation were at the center of this festival’s second edition. Several generations met and exchanged, in small histories and the great History, through a selection of eight movies. Like the first edition, new talents were brought forward, like Yasmine Chouikh and Lidia Terki. Those promising directors staged brave and unexpected heroins, on both sides of the Mediterranean sea. These first movies, like the ones by Etienne Comar, or by Grand Corps Malade and Mehdi Idir, imagined protagonists full of communicative energy and force! Novelty of the year: a documentary session with two movies. Full of delicacy, Louisa Besri’s short movie and Karim Sayad’s full length one contribute to the revival of this genre in Algerian cinema. Finally, we were pleased to open this edition with two movies: Eliad Belkeddar’s first short movie, selected in Cannes Semaine de la critique, and a classic, OMAR GATLATO by Merzak Allouache.


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